Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Life Lessons by Caleb

Today I took the kids on a cross island search for an allusive clamp for our bed. When we moved into our house the movers lost the clamps for one side of the bed and now eighteen months later it has really started to bug me. So I loaded up the kids and we headed out. Turns out the part simply doesn't not exist on the island...but the only way to discover this was to drive around the island for 2 hours dragging the kids into I can't remember how many store (ok it was 3...but it sounds so much more harrowing the other way). Don't tell me I could have just called....that thought finally popped into my head as we left the 3rd store...sigh...mommy brain strikes again

Anyway, the whole time the boys were absolutely wonderful. They stayed close to me in the stores and talked quietly (ok..not quiet per se...but it was nice) I wasn't really listening to everything they were saying, but at one point I tuned in to hear Caleb passing on some advice to his baby sister.

I looked back, he was leaned toward Addie holding her foot, and I hear these words.."Addie, poop in diaper?? Poop in diaper and take diaper off...mommy angry"

Ahhh, yes...Truer words have never been spoken...Yes Addie, if you do indeed poop in your diaper and then take that diaper off, Mommy will be very angry.

I think Caleb chose to pass on this advice because it is something he and his brother had to learn the hard way. There is a 6 month period around their second birthday that for the most part I work to suppress. It included many many incidents of entering their nursery to a scene similar to the one in Daddy Day Care where Eddie Murphy looks around in horror at the bathroom. Hands... crib yes once even mouth....suppress suppress suppress...hang on I need a moment

Ok...[breathing deeply...long slow exhale] the memory is sufficiently hidden in the back of my mind where it should remain. I can only hope that Addie took this little life lesson from Caleb seriously and chooses never to test it herself.


  1. Are you airing your dirty laundry in public?

  2. Not my dirty laundry....the kids dirty laundry :P