Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Say What??

I am starting a weekly series. Every Wednesday I will feature a few of those cute sayings the boys have. Some of them will be current ones some will be ones from the past. I am tired tonight after a very tired after a long day with Joseph out of town so I am going to just to 2 quick quotes that are current favorites of the boys:

First a Caleb gem... [Pointing at his fingers] “Mommy…one booboo…two booboo…three booboo...two booboo…lots of booboos I need dodo-pop (soda pop) fix da booboos.”
I need to first explain that I have a bit [cough cough don’t notice the HUGE understatement] of a diet coke addiction. I got better while I was pregnant with Addie and since she is nursing I have switch to caffeine free, but there is still a lot around. I try not to give it to the boys too much, but I am not good at telling them no. For some reason Caleb decided that a drink of dodo pop makes his booboos better similar to a kiss from momma or a band aid. After having a drink he will often follow up with... ”thank you momma...booboos all gone.”

Clay can often be seen running in circles in the living room while doing robot arms “I am roooo-dot” nope that’s not a typo...rodot…how freaking cute is that. Oh I just want to squeeze him thinking about it.

That’s all for tonight I am gonna go to bed.

ohhh...If you have any favorites from the past or present let me know and I'll feature them. I know there is stuff out here I have forgotten, hopefully others with remember.

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