Saturday, July 11, 2009

Three Little Monkeys

Meet the Kiddos:

Caleb,the oldest. My sweet, sensitive, silly, precocious, stubborn and occasionally grumpy little boy. He is always ready with a cuddle whenever you need, and his smile can brighten any one's day.

(for some reason this pic uploaded sideways, he is enjoying a ride in his sister's car seat)

Clay, the middle child, 8 minutes younger than Caleb. He is funny, loving, clever, sneaky and just as precocious as his brother. And as you can see from the picture he is one very cool dude

And last but not least baby Adelaide, better know as Addie, or Addie Lou . My beautiful little girl, so sweet and calm just what we needed to balance out the boys.

They are the beginning, middle, and end of my day. They are the reason I get up every day (and not just because Caleb has his fingers under his bedroom door chanting " mommy mommy mommy" for as long as it takes for me to get there). They are the source of more headaches then I can count, as well as being the reason my stomach often hurts because I can stop giggling.

Ahh kids....Can't live with them...go to jail for selling them on ebay.

Tonight while I was making dinner, Joseph had all three kids outside in the backyard with him (ahhh alone). The door suddenly open and a wailing mess of preschool emerged into the kitchen ...Clay had been sent inside. It took me several minutes to get him to stop crying. I never did get the whole story as to why he was in trouble, but as his cloths were soaking wet I would wager that he either turned on the faucet or took a quick dip in the bird bath.

Once he had calmed down he decided he wanted to help me with dinner, i.e. stand on a chair in the middle of the kitchen in the most inconvenient location possible. I was stirring the rice when the following conversation occurred.

Clay: Careful Momma!! It's hot!!

Me: Yes it is, but mommy is being very careful.

Clay: Momma....It's hot like a ball-cane-OOO...

Me: Like a volcano? (he nods) then mommy had better be extra careful, that's super hot.

Clay: Watch out will blow ..Blow...BLOW (miming an explosion with his hands)

Me: (unsuppressed giggles) I'll be careful...thank you baby.

Whatever would I do without that advice???

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  1. I thought the first picture was of a twin in a roller coaster. Would probably have been more appropriate, given what you say about what they get up to.