Sunday, July 26, 2009

Time flies...

Wow the two weeks really got away from me. I was planning to write on here every day (and then realistically doing it every other day) Turns out that is a bit too much even. Oh well.

What a crazy two weeks we have had around here. Joseph was out of town on business. I never know before had how well that is going to go. The last time he was out of town me and all three babies what a horrible chest cold. I was literally convinced I would not survive the week. This time things went really well. A lot seems to have to do with how well I prepare before Joseph shopping, cleaning, laundry and most importantly getting the dishes all done and put away. Dishes are the bane of my existence. I hate washing dishes more than anything in this world. It's a good thing I am not a spy...all they would have to do to get me to talk would be to lock me in a room full of dishes and tell me to start washing. When we moved into our currant house I thought we would survive without a dish washer, Joseph promised to wash the dishes every night and I believed him (I know it was silly and the logical part of my brain knew it wasn't true...but I went with it). We were also just a family of 4 then and had no idea that beautiful Addie would be joining our family. Now it seems to be a never ending battle trying to keep up with them.

Hmmm...I lost track of what I was writing about....Ahhh yes...why I didn’t write for two weeks. So yeah...Joseph went out of town and I was remarkably well prepared. I even bought dinners I could prepare in 10 minutes or less so I wasn't forced to make the decision of leaving the boys in the living room while I cook so that the living room gets destroyed or bringing them into the kitchen with me to have them "help" make dinner (eye twitching commences at just the thought of it).

That Monday the library was having story time. The boys had a great time the last time we went, so I decided to venture out again. The first time I packed a picnic lunch and we picnicked at the playground adjacent to the library. This time I decided I would get some books for the boys. Somehow we have lived here for 18 months and I never managed to get a library card. The boys are really tired of the books we have. It was time to get one. The books at story time really didn't engage them this time and they were very fidgety. I should have taken that as a sign and gone to the park instead. But silly be decided to plow forward with my original play because the boys were excited about getting "pirate books, argh" (because you aren't allowed to mention anything pirate in this house without following it with "argh"...they are so cute).

They remained relatively well behaved while I got my new card, especially considering how fidgety they were after the stories and we headed to the children's section. Now perhaps I am just spoiled by the Colorado Springs Library system, but I was not prepared for the library here. I did not come prepared with a list of books to get (as I will from now on) I just figured I would let the boys play in the little storybook houses that are in the kids section while I searched for a few pirate books (argh) and they we would head out. Well I search for the stupid computers where you do book searches for almost 5 minutes before I gave up and asked someone for help (I didn't want to look like an idiot who couldn't find the computer right under her nose). Turns out there was only one....YES 1!!!! computer to do the searches on and it's not even inside the kid’s area. The boys were having fun so I did a quick search and went to write down what I found.....and you know handy little paper squares and mini pencils to conveniently aide me in jotting the search info down. So I tried to count of my trusty sleep deprived brain to remember titles and authors. The first time I tried too hard and forgot all 4 books I was going to look for before I even got to the book shelves. The second time I was very proud of myself and picked one book to remember, but I wasn't paying attention to what the computer said and ended up with a chapter book (not gonna would with 3 three years olds) So then I tried just wandering the shelves looking for pirate books (argh) . The poor boys were tired of the library at this point, Caleb was starting to yell and run around and Clay (wiley little kid that he is) wandered behind the librarians desk. and the librarian returned him to me just as I started to panic. She took pity on me (I think she saw my eye starting to twitch) and she found several really cute pirate books (argh) and we headed to check them out. AT this point Caleb gets it into his head that he was supposed to get candy from the library. I don't know where he got this idea, perhaps since he is potty training and gets candy all the time for that he simply thought that the world was now supplying him with candy ad time he tries something new. He keeps asking in a none too quiet voice "where is my library candy...I want library mommy we can't go...I NEED LIBRARY CAAANNNDDDYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!" I take him by the hand and he does that move that I know you all love where he goes completely floppy so I end up having to drag him out of the library ( with Clay holding my other hand completely confused as to why is brother is channeling Linda Blair). It my calmest sweetest voice I keep telling him "the library only has books...why don't we go home to get candy." this takes 8 or 9 times of me repeating it before he decides to at least start walking on his own, although he is still trying for his "library candy". The bribery eventually works we get home and crash. I read them a few of the book and they fall asleep (THANK YOU GOD) and I try to remind myself that Joseph is only gone for a week.

The rest of that week was filled with just enjoying able. There were of course bright spots including the time that Caleb didn't want to wear his shirt with a crab n it because he was scared the crab would bite him and Clay's new game where he pretends he is a paper boy, where he throws toys across the room as hard as he can while yelling "NEEEEWWWSSS PAPER BOOOOY!!!!". It really is cute to see, but it doesn't leave much room for the brain waves it takes to type something on here. When Joseph got home I then threw myself into planning a garage sale...because my new quest for sanity is the belief that less stuff=a less hectic house...We shall see on that one, but we did have a very successful sale I sold 2/3 of what I brought out of the house and I am having another one in 2 weeks which will hopefully leave our attic empty and all out closets organized.

I really do need to write more often though. I know there was a lot of other stuff that happened but I simply can’t remember that far in the past (or I am just blocking the memories) Either way I am going to make a new goal of 3 posts a week…so we’ll see how that goes. Wish me luck!!


  1. Wow, sounds like you've got your hands full even without the occasional blog post. Write when you can, I love the stories. "Library candy," LOL; I don't suppose he'd believe that books are the library candy? They're a treat, and you get them at the library? Sigh.

  2. Thanks :) I didn't realize how fun it is to write. I am glad someone else is enjoying it as well :o)

    I think I may just throw a few m&ms in my bag before we head there next time just in case.