Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A night of Angry and Happy Monsters

4:45 AM Last night...

Caleb: Mommy a monster is in my room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me (very groggy): A monster?

Caleb: Yes! An ANGEE (angry) monster!!! The monster angee at ME!!!!!

Me:ummm...Why is that monster angry at you? (rubbing my eyes...still trying to figure out what is going on)

Caleb: Yes!

Me: What did the angry monster do?

Caleb: I run!

Me: You ran from the angry monster (head nod from Caleb) Are you ok now? ( I am starting to smile a bit at all this now)

Caleb: Yea momma...the happy monsters are under mommy's bed (said very matter of factly)

Me:( heeheehee...ok that was cute)...happy monsters??

Caleb: I sleep in mommy's bed (notice it was not a question, he was just letting me know...with a huge smile on his face)

Me: (see what I get for thinking it was funny) *sigh*... You can sleep in mommy's bed if you sleep.

Caleb: ok mommy...(mmmhmmmI believe that)

He climbed into bed with us, wiggled around and talked and kicked, woke the baby (who was in her normal sleeping arms). Finally about 5:15 I just gave up and got up with him so that Joseph could get a little bit of sleep. I put the baby is the swing, turned on Miss Spider, wrapped a quilt around me and the boy and tried to get a tiny bit more sleep (wishful thinking).

Now I feel like a zombie and Caleb is bright eyed and's gonna be a LONG day!!

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