Sunday, November 1, 2009

Look Mommy...a Wind-A-Mill!!!!!

All day long, as we drove across West Texas I heard over and over "LOOK MOMMY!!!! A WIND-A-MILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". The boys love seeing the big Electricty generating windmills (I am sure there is some technical name for them, but it escapes me right now). For more than 30 minutes today we were driving through windmill heaven... A Windmill Farm

Multiply that picture by those 30 minutes and you might get an idea of the number of thinks I got to hear their cries of delight at seeing yet another windmill (Sorry to all the people on the interstate with me while I was trying to take this picture....80 mph+ high speed winds+ me trying to take a picture out the passenger window= the drivers of I-20 thinking there was a crazy drunk Rhode Islander on their road).

As to why I was driving across West Texas with my three babies in the back seat...Stop by tomorrow for the tale of our Journy from the last month (as well as an explanation as to why I have not blogged for 2 months...beware pathetics excuses will abound ;)

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